2020 Exports Second Highest on Record

U.S. peanut exports for the calendar year 2020 totaled 669,161 metric tons valued at $759.6 million, up 31% by volume and 12% by value as compared to the previous year. This represents the second highest total in the history of the industry, behind only 2016. When converted back into farmer stock equivalent, 2020 exports reached 910,101 tons, a record-high 33% of total production.

  • Shipments to Greater China (mainly farmer stock) accounted for nearly 50% of total exports by volume and reached 332,133 MT ($296 million), up 244% by volume and 177% by value as compared to 2019.
  • Exports to Canada totaled 127,267 MT ($193 million), down 0.5% by volume but up nearly 7% by value.
  • Shipments to Mexico fell nearly 4% by volume and 3% by value to reach 113,394 MT ($138 million).
  • 2020 exports to Europe totaled 52,036 MT ($71 million), down 57% by volume and 54% by value as compared to the previous year.
  • Shipments to Japan totaled 13,119 MT ($25 million), down 20% by volume and 21% by value, and exports to the rest of the world declined 3% by volume and 2% by value to reach 31,212 MT ($81 million).

To view the final 2020 YTD U.S. export reports, please click here.

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