2024 American Peanut Council Awards


April 1 – Opening of nominations

April 22 – Closing of nominations

May 1 – Selection by Executive Committee

June 12 – Presentation of awards at USA Peanut Congress


APC Lifetime Achievement Award

The APC Lifetime Achievement Award honors an individual who has reached the pinnacle of their career in the peanut industry. The award recognizes an individual who has made extraordinary and sustained contributions to the peanut industry over a lifetime, including a history of involvement and impact on the industry and their communities. Recipients are widely recognized by their peers for a history of distinguished service that spans their entire career. The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor bestowed upon an individual by APC.

Nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award must include biographical information of the nominee, a list of industry achievements and any supporting documents, and reflect how the nominee meets the following criteria. Individuals may represent any segment of the U.S. peanut industry and need not have been involved in the American Peanut Council. Nominations will be reviewed and scored by the APC Executive Committee. The recipient will be honored at USA Peanut Congress.


Lifetime Achievement Award Criteria:

The individual must have served the peanut industry for 20 years or longer in one or more of the following areas:

  • Programs & Projects: The individual designed or implemented one or more high-impact programs or projects that have become an industry standard and is widely recognized for their achievement(s). Nominations must demonstrate the measurable impact of these efforts and how they have advanced the industry.
  • Products: The individual has developed influential tools, models, frameworks, or other products used to advance the peanut industry. Nominations must demonstrate the measurable impact of these efforts and how they have advanced the industry.
  • Research: The individual has made meaningful contributions to the body of knowledge on peanuts through research, data collection and/or other methods of exploration and study. Nominations must demonstrate the measurable impact of these efforts and how they have advanced the industry.
  • Service & Mentorship: The individual has contributed substantial time and expertise to help further the peanut industry through service to, and involvement in, the industry (e.g., by leading peanut-focused organizations or networks, serving on relevant boards or committees, and/or mentoring others). The individual is highly regarded as an exceptional mentor and role model by their industry peers.


Click here for the Lifetime Achievement Nomination Form


APC Peanut Hall of Fame

The APC Peanut Hall of Fame Award recognizes individual contributions to the peanut industry and specifically service to the American Peanut Council, which have been significant, substantial and long-standing. Members of the Hall of Fame have a demonstrated history of career achievement, sustained commitment to the advancement of the industry, personal service to benefit the industry, and significant contributions to APC through dedicated service and leadership. Nominees should exemplify APC’s core values of collaboration, leadership, innovation and service.

All APC members are invited to nominate candidates for the Hall of Fame. The nominations, which will be reviewed and scored by the APC Executive Committee, should include a summary of her his or her achievements and contributions to the peanut industry, including service to APC. Nominations must reflect the following criteria. The recipient will be honored at USA Peanut Congress.


Hall of Fame Criteria:

The individual must have been a member of APC for 10 or more years, with at least five years dedicated to service through leadership roles within APC. The individual must have demonstrated measurable, lasting and sustained results that have positively impacted the peanut industry and their community.

  • APC Service: The individual has been a member of APC for a minimum of 10 years, with a minimum of five years of dedicated service in leadership positions within the organization (executive committee/board of directors, committee chairmanship, special task force leadership, etc.)
  • Industry Accomplishments: The individual has made noteworthy strides in the advancement of the peanut industry through leadership, research, innovation/technology, financial, marketing and/or other areas. Nominations must demonstrate the impact of these efforts and how they have advanced the industry.
  • Personal Service: The individual has championed the industry by supporting its employees through mentorship initiatives, serving their local peanut community and/or serving in various volunteer capacities in peanut-related organizations.


Click here for the Hall of Fame Nomination Form


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