Peanut Butter for the Hungry

 Ad Hoc Committees

Special ad hoc committees have been established to deal with short-term issues and projects.

Tote Bag Task Force

The Tote Bag Task Force successfully established uniform specifications and procedures for tote bags, enabling the industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Issues Management Committee

The Issues Management Committee identifies issues of current and potential concern, develops stand-by-position statements and ensures that the council is prepared to speak on behalf of the industry.  These issues include, but are not limited to, Allergy, Aflatoxin, Food Safety and Security, Biotechnology, Obesity, Pesticides, Microbiological Contamination, Salt and Trans-Fat.  The APC has a crisis management communications plan in place for emergency situations.

Good Management Practices

The 2009-10 revision of the U.S. peanut industry’s Good Management Practices (GMP’s) demonstrates the industry’s commitment to providing safe, wholesome and nutritious peanuts and peanut products to the worldwide consumer. This document is designed to provide guidance to all segments of the peanut industry - from farm to factory. In the increasingly competitive global environment, the U.S. peanut industry is dedicated to providing the highest possible quality products to domestic and international consumers. The GMP's were updated on a section by section basis by dedicated and and experienced members of the peanut industry.

Electronic Trade Document Exchange (eTDE)

The electronic Trade Document Exchange (eTDE) Taskforce has been working for over 3 years to convert all the key quality and safety documents of the peanut industry into electronic copies with an associated data layer.  The documents will be used throughout the industry for both domestic and export customer, regulatory agencies and peanut shellers. This will enable official copies of the documents to be viewed on a secure USDA server.  The system is now available to industry.  The eTDE system will also be integrated with other electronic systems in importing countries in future years.  

Domestic Marketing

A new U.S. peanut industry DVD, Innovation Through Quality" previewed in August 2006. The video follows the peanut from the farm to the factory and focuses on technological and quality issues. Educational materials and recipe brochures are distributed nationwide. 

Industry Meetings

USA Peanut Congress

Hosted by the American Peanut Council, and the American Peanut Shellers Association, this annual convention has become the largest annual industry meeting with participation by all segments of the industry. The Congress provides an opportunity for various industry associations to hold meetings at the same time and place, minimizing time and travel expense.

Winter Conference

This meeting is hosted by APC and includes board and committee meetings, as well as a meeting of The Peanut Foundation. Any other industry associations that wish to hold meetings during the conference are always invited to do so. The meeting also includes a general session which invites speakers to discuss current issues and concerns of the peanut industry. 

The Peanut Foundation

The Peanut Foundation, which provides funding to accomplish the industry's research objectives, funds projects targeted at reducing the costs of production, enhancing the development of viable commercial seed varieties and assuring food safety.  Much of the focus of the Foundation is managing the Peanut Genomic Initiative on behalf of the industry