Peanut Butter for the Hungry

Custom Products and ProceduresOver the past several years, United States processors and manufacturers have greatly expanded the range of specialized products available. American processors can meet individual specifications and can offer many new and interesting products which incorporate flavors, coatings and processes. These products are available in bulk, institutional and consumer sizes. Peanut butter, roasted and flavored kernels, roasted and sized peanut granules, and salted inshell peanuts, peanut flour, peanut oil (both refined and crude) and aromatic oil and extract are all available from U.S. shellers, blanchers and manufacturers.

Utilizing modern techniques, custom processors are able to provide their customers with a range of services, including:


U.S. technological advances have meant that blanched peanuts offer better quality including fewer splits, less foreign material, and greater uniformity of flavor and color.

Cleaning and Sizing 

Greater uniformity is provided through the removal of defects, foreign material, and additional sizing.


Customized coatings can be developed  for whole or split peanuts.