2023 Export Promotion Success Stories

Take a look at APC’s export promotion success stories from the past year. 


APC continues its important work supporting peanut-based therapeutic food 

In 2023, the American Peanut Council continued its important work supporting peanut-based ready to use therapeutic food (RUTF) in underdeveloped countries. What is RUTF and why is it critical? RUTF...

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Fun-loving U.S. peanut ads are the way to Danes’ hearts 

In 2023, the American Peanut Council had some fun promoting one of Denmark’s most iconic snack brands, KiMs, which is the Danish market leader within the chip and snack categories. KiMs is...

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APC helps launch Skippy peanut butter in the German market

In 2023, the American Peanut Council supported the expansion of Skippy peanut butter in Europe. As part of this effort, APC funded the production of 800 temporary display units to introduce the...

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Canadian peanut ambassadors share the versatility of U.S. peanut butter and peanut products

In 2023, Gen Z and millennial audiences were a core focus for the American Peanut Council in Canada. The Peanut Bureau of Canada, APC’s Canadian information office, worked with its roster of highly...

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Mexico celebrates World Peanut Day with bowling  

To celebrate World Peanut Day on October 13, the American Peanut Council brought together content creators, influencers and media to enjoy a fun time bowling in Mexico City.  With an aim of...

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Going to bat for U.S. peanuts in Japan 

2023 was particularly notable for baseball in Japan due to the Japanese professional baseball pitcher Shohei Ohtani's outstanding performance. Ohtani, a star in U.S. Major League Baseball, led in...

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