Peanut Butter for the Hungry

Eurolog Packing Group

An interview with Mr. Cal Cleary of Eurolog Packing Group North America

How can EPGNA best serve the peanut industry?

We offer a number of intelligent solutions to improve the way that goods are shipped and stored. But what we are really focused on bringing to the peanut industry at the moment is our Hydry® range, which tackles the problem of moisture damage in different ways at various stages of the logistics chain. The standout product of this range is the Hyblanket®.

Tells us about Hyblanket®?

HyBlanket The Hyblanket® is a new product that we have designed ourselves. The reason for developing it was because we realized that exporters continued to experience problems with moisture damage despite taking other preventive measures, like desiccant bags.

The key to what makes it so special is that it works by acting as an ever present absorbent shield during the moments when cargo is most at risk. This is when drops of condensation form on the ceilings of shipping containers or trailers and then fall onto the goods below. This is known as “container rain” and is the greatest cause of fungus and mold growth. By combining a high absorption capacity (30 gallons) with safe and easy to use qualities, the Hyblanket® offers unrivalled protection and practicality to customers.

How can this system benefit the transport of peanuts?

We have a lot of experience with peanuts, particularly in South America. And what we have discovered is that peanuts are a cargo that is at risk to damage. Mainly due to its own high moisture content. This moisture will evaporate from the peanuts with warm periods during the day and condense when the temperature falls at night. This is how “container rain” is formed.  This will happen cyclically day after day. Often for weeks at a time.

It is also important to keep in mind that peanuts are usually grown and loaded into containers at locations where humidity and temperature are high. These factors contribute greatly to “container rain”.

The Hydry® products interrupt this condensation cycle in a number of different ways to ensure that cargo remains dry and protected.

What other products and services do you offer that would be of interest to the peanut industry, and what other industries do you serve?

logo hydryEPGNA develops shipping solutions to benefit the specific needs of the industries we serve.  Our Hydry® products are all widely used in the peanut, powdered milk, grain and coffee industries to name a few.  In addition to the Hyblanket®, we also have the Hybags® which absorb three times their weight in humidity. And the Hypad is ideal for using tote bags. Our Temcore® products work well with some of our other clients that need to protect their cargo against extreme temperatures and fluctuations and are popular with peanut butter companies.  The Kit Kraft® range ensures that goods can be shipped in food grade conditions. We have always worked closely with our clients and understand their needs well.

How has becoming a member of APC helped grow your company?

We have made a good start with APC by attending the USA Peanut Congress. This allowed us to get to know the community and give others an opportunity to find out more about us.  We hope to use our membership to be able to help other members find solutions to their problems. We look forward to working together and solving your shipping and storing issues.

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