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One of APC's newest members, QualySense, is a young tech company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2017 the company opened a branch office in Chicago.

QualySense wants to innovate the global soft commodity market by pioneering the unique QSorter® Technology - a sophisticated high-speed single kernel robot, which measures the biochemical and physical quality of each grain and sorts it accordingly.

Qualysense staff
From left to right: Kamil Ostrowski (QS), Dr. Scott Tubbs (UGA),
Dr. Scott Monfort (UGA), Maximilian Weitz (QS)


In the peanut world, the QSorter® is focused on analyzing and sorting peanuts according to different traits such as oleic acid, size, moisture and others at a speed of 20 kernels per second. This unique high-speed sorting technology allows breeders to guarantee the purity of the seeds as well as to assure industry members they have increased confidence with a 10 times larger sample size for quality inspection. The amount of high-speed data collected can be used for several applications, such as fine tuning the processing equipment or tracking the quality of the supply chain.

The QSorter® Technology is the result of unique research and development that is happening at the intersection of sensory, mechatronics, biochemistry, data processing and life science so the right ingredients can be ensured. The research and development of the QSorter® Technology platforms were generously supported by world-famous research organizations such as the United States Department of Agriculture, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Science and Technology, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology; the QSorter® Technology now serves customers on four different continents.

For peanuts, QualySense has already successfully installed the first units in the Southeast and is looking forward to increasing its footprint in the peanut industry.

Contacts for the peanut industry in the U.S. are Maximilian Weitz, Global Sales Development Manager (maximilian.weitz@qualysense.com), and Kamil Ostrowski, Technical Product Manager (kamil.ostrowski@qualysense.com). Max has a farming background and worked as Territory Manager for John Deere International before joining QualySense. He holds a master's degree in Agricultural Economics from Humboldt-University in Berlin. Kamil holds a Master of Engineering from the AGH University of Science and Technology; for more than five years, he has visited numerous QualySense customers all over the world as a Mechatronics Engineer.


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