Sustainable U.S. Peanuts kicks off 2023 crop year enrollment; Growers are encouraged to enroll now for the industry-wide initiative

January 10, 2024 (Alexandria, Va.)—The American Peanut Council has launched its 2023 grower enrollment for the Sustainable U.S. Peanut Initiative (SUSP). Peanut growers are encouraged to enroll now for the industry-wide supported program. Enrollment runs through the end of April.

In its third crop year, the SUSP documents and measures peanut growers’ sustainability practices to better support environmental and economic sustainability on the farm and to help the industry tell the positive story about peanut sustainability to consumers, customers, government, trading partners, and other stakeholders.

Data shows that not only are consumers demanding sustainable food production practices, but manufacturers, retailers and even our international trading partners are increasingly having the same expectations,” said Allison Randell, director of sustainability for the American Peanut Council. “Sustainable U.S. Peanuts is creating transparency that will serve the entire supply chain - from the people who love to grow peanuts, to the people who love to eat them.”

The American Peanut Council’s goal is to increase grower enrollees to 300 for the 2023 crop year, which would be a 10% representation of the U.S. crop and an accurate demographic reflection across the peanut belt. 

SUSP enrollment highlights for the 2022 crop year include:

  • 170 growers managing 98,112 peanut acres in 11 states;
  • 7% representation of the 2022 U.S. planted peanut acres, which was 1,420,814 acres;
  • 24,493 peanut acres with a Fieldprint Analysis, representing 60,204 tons of peanuts; and
  • 274 peanut fields.

“The peanut industry has united on the Sustainable U.S. Peanut Initiative to support America’s 7,000 peanut-farming families as they continue to do what they do best: provide a delicious and nutritious food that’s healthy for the environment,” continued Randell. “We are supporting peanut growers with metrics and a better understanding of the most efficient use of on-farm resources, as well as encouraging farm operation sustainability practices to set the stage for long-term economic viability.”

To learn more, growers can contact Allison Randell at, or visit

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