APC applauds USAID’s $200 million food aid purchase, part of which will go toward peanut-based nutrition

The American Peanut Council welcomes the announcement by USAID that it will make a special $200 million purchase of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) as part of U.S. food aid programs. The additional purchase will have a tremendous impact on getting peanut-based, lifesaving nutrition to millions of children around the globe.

Twenty-five percent (by value and volume) of RUTF is made using peanuts. As part of the American Peanut Council’s export work, the organization promotes the use of U.S. peanuts in RUTF and educates stakeholders about the exceptional nutritional value of peanuts as its primary ingredient.

“In light of devastating events currently taking place around the world, the American Peanut Council applauds USAID’s decision to purchase additional RUTF to help feed those who are most impacted,” said Peter Vlazakis, senior director of international programs for APC. “The U.S. peanut industry is committed to helping address global hunger by providing RUTF to disadvantaged and developing countries where children are facing severe malnutrition. This additional purchase by USAID will go a long way toward supporting that mission.”

RUTF is a nutritionally dense paste given to children suffering from acute to severe malnutrition. RUTF does not require water or refrigeration, can be administered at home, and can rehabilitate a child under the age of five in just eight weeks. Peanut-based RUTF combines 500 calories and micronutrients to help children gain weight quickly and has a taste profile that children enjoy. It has saved tens of millions of lives around the globe.

According to USAID, approximately 300 million people will need humanitarian assistance this year due to Russia’s war on Ukraine, famine in Gaza and Sudan, and environmental factors. Further, it is estimated 45 million children will be affected with what is known as ‘child wasting,’ the most acute, life-threatening form of malnutrition.

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