Sustainable U.S. Peanuts Initiative

Sustainable U.S. Peanuts

More than ever, consumers are demanding food that isn’t just good for them, but that is also good for the environment.  Peanut farmers are committed to growing a nutritious, sustainable crop that will support sustainable livelihoods for generations to come.

The U.S. peanut industry understands that sustainability is the future. That’s why peanut farmers are continuously working to improve water conservation, fertilizer and chemical use, and land resource management. Having solid data about our sustainability practices is critical to being able to tell our story.

That’s the goal of our Sustainable U.S. Peanuts Initiative. We’re building a data-collection platform to create the transparency that will serve the entire supply chain; from the people who love to grow peanuts, to the people who love to eat them. That’s sustainability in a nutshell. 

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Water Usage


The stakes for accelerating climate action could not be higher. Rapidly intensifying climate impacts threaten to reverse long-term productivity gains across U.S. agriculture at a time when farmers are being asked to feed a growing global population while delivering natural climate solutions and other ecosystem benefits.

Sustainable U.S. Peanuts Launch

Sustainable U.S. Peanuts initiative launches

The April 2022 issue of Southeastern Peanut Farmer magazine details information about the Sustainable U.S. Peanuts Initiative and how farmers can participate. The American Peanut Council has been working on this program for several years and it is finally open and ready for farmers to sign up and enter their production management data.

Souteastern Peanut Farmer - Apr22

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